Sunday, August 7, 2011

A HAG Adventure on the Transquaking River, Cambridge, MD

" He who knows not where he is going, for the ocean will decide. It is not the destination, it is the glory of the ride."

Not sure who said that, however I have to agree with the sentiments. Yesterday's  HAG adventure was about the glory of the ride! A few months ago, my friend (of many years) calls me and says, I met this awesome woman at a Social Media event and had the opportunity to talk with her afterward and extended in invitation to attend a  HAG Travel event. So my thoughts were, okay Social Media is good, but what is a HAG event?

Hag - a wizened old woman, or a kind of fairy or goddess having the appearance of such a woman. (Wiki) Travel - to journey or traverse ......... Travel Hag - a wise old journeying woman with goddess attributes

With that being defined, our first Travel HAG adventure was a camping adventure on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Cristfield's Janes Island was the destination of our first HAG adventure.  Now Shari and I have been on a good many adventures in our years. I knew we could handle this. By the time the weekend came around a third friend Elisabeth joined us among the 12 or HAGS from Maryland. The Janes Island adventure started on Friday with check in, set up tents, bond with our fellow HAG ladies, Kayak on trails that lead to the bay, pot luck dinner on the pavilion and return home on Sunday. Sounds fun, relaxing no brainer stress free.

What is that they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Recap from that weekend!

On to the next HAG adventure.... A Haunted Paddle adventure and Old Salty's for Dinner

This past weekend (August 6, 2011) 16 Travel HAGs mostly from Maryland of course along with the Delaware HAGs met at Drawbridge Road Crossing of the Transquaking River outskirts of Cambridge, MD and launched our kayaks and paddled through some of the most beautiful, scenic and some say haunted landscape in Maryland. There were a few HAG men on this adventure. HAG men can accompany their HAG, but they are not the center of attention. 

The five mile paddle was breathtaking, the weather was perfect and we had the opportunity to get to know fellow HAGs. The trek was perfect for any beginner, we had the opportunity to see bald eagles, turtles, herons, and a few snakes or two. ( I didn't stick around to long when I did!)

Turtles - Blackwater 

 Locals claim that this area is said to be haunted by spirits from the Dorchester's past. We finished are mystical journey, as the weather quickly changed and mother nature churned the current and gave us 2-3 ft white caps. Not sure if it was mother nature or Big Lizz and the spirits of the past. We finished at DeCoursey Bridge a well-known haunt of Big Lizz, an African slave who was beheaded by her master, after she followed his instructions to bury his money in the swamp. DeCoursey Bridge is a frequent stop for curiosity seekers and those hoping to see Big Lizz.

After, a long day of kayaking with my fellow HAGs, I was famished! After all I burned a lot of calories and was looking forward to a good Eastern Shore Crab Cake. Going to Hooper's Island and eating at the Old Salty Dog was a good end to a day's  hard work. Old Salty's Crab cake is the bomb! I have had some good crab cakes but I don't think anyone can match these guys and worth the trip. No fillers and it's made with Maryland back-fin, lump crab meat.

Crab Cake at Old Salty's - Dorchester, MD
Crab Cake at Old Salty's - Hoopers Island, MD (pictures by Mindie,

Old Salty’s Restaurant
2560 Hoopers Island Rd
Fishing Creek, MD 21634
(410) 397-3752

Can't wait for our next HAG adventure!