Friday, January 7, 2011

Out with the Old in with the New

2010, by far was not the best year! In fact, reflecting back, seems like there is a pattern forming here. I am beginning to wonder like some great cosmic explotion is all part of the great devine plan. Approximately ten years ago ..well let's just say wasn't so good either. 2010, I have to say, made me more conscious of my spending habits, made me realize that I have to take better care of myself and put me in control of my destiny. So I cannot really say it was all that bad.

In with the New! ahh yes.. my first week in 2011, I made it through Bootcamp, and survived a blizzard with two teenagers.Now that's a good start. This year I did not make any resolutions, it's easier that way to avoid any disappointments to myself for a promise not kept. However, I did make small goals for myself ( yes I even wrote them down) weekly goals, so that I can better track my progress.. seems to be working. Notice, how I said for myself. I have found that I am in a much better place internally if I do this.
Week 1
Run or walk at least Twice this week
Treat myself to a chai
Smile at a stranger at least once a day
walk away from frustration (and angry teens.... this one is hard .. especially not to engage back!)
Spend 15 min a day just on me.. (this is a hard one too!)

You'd be amazed at the results.. so far so good! Now it helps to have great friends to keep you motivated and engaged, with out them my short weekly goals would not be accomplished.

Now, while I had a great week, today was extremely difficult to walk away and not engage my warm, ever-so loving teen who sometimes I think try's so hard to push that button. I made it through Friday. Why does parenting have to be such a challenge? Well, looks like number #1 and # 5 will be checked off twice this week :)
2011 is off to a great start.. I am in control!

I am open to discussions on parenting and teens.. any takers?


  1. Good for you! Remember, you cant control how others behave, only yourself!

    Glad to see that you're setting goals and writing them down. I need to do same. Its amazing how quickly one can get off track! :-(

    Amazingly, everything seems easier with the support of friends and family!

  2. Teens can be a challange!! I survived my boys by NEVER wavering. I was strict but loving, my boys thank me for it now. Hang in there!!

    Loved the blog as well