Thursday, September 15, 2011

Silver Years or Silver Lining ?

It is often said that one should look forward to the "Golden Years" when aging. You know that time in your life when the fruits of your labors have come full circle, the time when you should be enjoying your spouse, significant other, traveling and doing all things you've dreamed about. Well, I think someone lied! Sure, there are many who are enjoying all those things. Lately, by my count there are a good many who are not. Troubled by medical "issues" and Dr.s appointments, many of these "Golden Agers" are finding that their having to enjoy life around appointments.  Not to say, folks do not take care of themselves. Reality is what it is. However, we must begin to take care of ourselves now, so that we can do all those things. Mom & Dad, I love you for having taught me that. I look at you two and feel blessed that you two are still young and are enjoying life, even at 80!

Today I celebrate another Birthday and approach the "Silver years of life" , I find myself gravitating to enjoying life, it's challenges and oh the "journey". Did I take a wrong turn? Perhaps, the unexplainable has been in front of me all along, yet I failed to "embrace" it. To my friend Elisabeth, you were right .  So now I am embracing this journey, and have accepted to aging with grace. Let it be known, I have NOT reached that benchmark yet .To my friends, who have started their journey, I look to you for support, love, friendship and for answers, (even if we are still seeking them LOL) and to the males in my household, well, your in on this journey too like it or not.

So I ask myself is this the beginning of my Silver years, or the Silver lining in the best years of my life.

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