Friday, September 17, 2010

Birthday's, Milestones, Friendships

This year, as I celebrate another year of gracefully aging, I also celebrate a year of renewed friendships and challenges that I never knew I would ever accomplish. A few years ago, I traveled with a team of teachers to Italy's beautiful Tuscany region, only to learn that to truly enjoy life is to stop and smell the flowers along the way. I mean that in the literal sense. Having grown up in Europe, with a different culture then what I now live, has made me understand that in order to truly experience what life has to offer and the challenges it throws us. We must really slow down and enjoy the moment.

Which brings me why this years birthday celebration means so much to me.

Aging gracefully, simply put, is celebrating what life throws at you, smiling , accepting that life lesson and wisdom you will impart to your children. I spent my birthday, with my boys and their friends, who impart made my day truely special. Discussions of young issues (ahh to be able to re-live my youth..) French toast breakfast.. sunshine cupcakes, wings, and late night birthday chants will be a day long remember in my golden years.

Thanks to social networking I have renewed friendship gone astray from years gone by. I am reminded daily, of my youth, my life, my accomplishments and my challenges and look to re-connect and reminice once again. Sharing stories old and new with my family,  friends and my children.

Thank you for making my birthday a great milestone... and I have yet to turn 50... Wow.. ! Yes I am still young :)

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  1. Life is all about the Journey....... embrace it. We only get one!