Tuesday, November 16, 2010

For the Love of Food & Friends

A few months back, while strolling through Face Book, I discovered a long lost friend from High School. I must explain that while I am not a "creeper" or a FB "stalker", ( I will explain the terms for the novice FB users) I did find my best friend from HS through another HS friend. Creeper or Stalker by FB definitions if there are any, is one who looks or follows others on your friends list. I actually, found my friend Deborah through a post she had written on a mutual friends post. ( how confusing is that ) So, in FB fashion I friend requested Deborah and now we are forever BFF's ! (Best Friends Forever). We decided on our course of multiple telephone and emails that a road trip to West Virginia was eminent.  A date was set and off I traveled with my oldest son and friends in tow. It was a weekend filled with adventure (for the teens) food and and wonderful years of friendship rekindled. We shared our love for food, and exchanged recipes. I still say Mountain Man (my new name for Steve, Deborah's Husband) should have his BBQ sauce marketed. The weekend like all good things came quickly to an end. But like all good things, our friendship will continue will continue to grow into our older golden years. I look forward to weekly conversations about the many new teen adventures that occur in my house or in Deb's homestead. Yea, she has a "new" teen.. her adventures are just beginning. Mine are in their prime! I always say, "there is never a dull moment" when teens are involved. On a more serious note.. I enjoy my political talks with Mountain Man and the direction this country is going.

I truly am blessed to have such great friends, regardless of how near or far my friends may be. You know who you are and know you are loved. <3.

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  1. definitely touching :) i'm so glad you became bff's with mrs debbie again! we had a blast in WV and we can't wait to go back :) <3