Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A day at the faire

Sunday, I had the opportunity to spend the day with one of my long time friends Keyla. A much needed "me" day and  "girl" day renaissance style.  We journeyed ourselves to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire and what a great time we had. The last time Keyla and I attended this faire was seven years ago.Time sure has changed in the shire. New shows, new vendors, great wines, and so much more. I try to attend the ren faires as often as I can since this is one my favorite time periods. Mostly I go to Maryland since it is only 40 min away. This day it took us two and half hours to get there. It was an absolutly gorgeous day, that we rode with the top down in her car. Yes, Keyla has a convertable. We decided to dress-up in time period. However, we waited til we arrived before we donned our dresses. Oh yea, we changed in the car, .. imagine that..yes a bit of a show.. and yes we put the top back up on the vehicle. We spent 5 wonderful hours walking the shire, sitting in on the royal falcon show, those birds are so majestic. We were marveled by Dr. Volz and his elixirs and illusions, and were serenaded by comedic voices of the Ragged Rogues.

It was a wonderful day spent with a wonderful friend, upon changing and stepping back into the 21st century, We ended our day with a good ole fashion hamburger at a small town Lancaster, Pa diner.

Huzzah!!! Gracias mi amiga para una dias muy fabulosa!!!

Keyla and Brigitte at the Faire
Brigitte in front of the Pirate ship

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