Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fallen Hero's

Everyone has a hero in their life, it may be a father, mother, brother , sister, grandfather, friend or simply a role model. These individuals, play a part in our lives one way or another. They teach us lesson, motivate us, and even spark our curiosities. A hero plays many roles to each of us in their own way. However, sometimes little is known of the fallen hero, the unsung hero, the hero that was someones dad, brother, friend. I am referring to the fallen solider. The solider who gallantly served his/her country to protect and serve, the very freedom that each of us Americans live every day. The freedom that many take for granted. The little things, free speech, education.. when you think about it really, it is the little things that count. 

 1000's of American soldiers have left the comforts of their family, U.S. soil, and the freedom of our day to day routines to fight and bring, peace and democracy in other countries, like Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. These soldiers live in war like conditions, eat rations and never complain. These are the real Hero's.

Yet, sadly as with any war, there are casualties. These fallen hero's are never forgotten.  Stories will be written in the histories for years to come. Tales of valor, honor, courage will describe the soldiers who lost their life, fighting to keep our freedom safe from terrorist.  

I am honored to be a part of a volunteer group the Friends of the Fallen.

We are a community-based volunteer group which provides service and assistance to families who come to Dover Air Force Base to witness the Dignified Transfer of their loved ones.

We are volunteers who provide help to family members in virtually any situation needed in areas not related to the duties of the officials assigned to the Dignified Transfer.  This may entail food, drinks, supervising children in the playroom, providing comfort items such as blankets, tissues, toiletries, winter jackets, baby needs, etc.
Whatever the needs may be, at the end of the day, we all go about our routine. I return home, given my reality check, hug my kids and say my prayers and know that for some family of a Fallen Hero, life will never be the same. 
Somehow, I look a life differently now, and know that any bad day I have doesn't quite measure up to that of a Fallen Hero's family.

Know that you are not forgotten! 


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