Thursday, October 6, 2011


          Fall like spring has always been associated with changes. Changes in season, changes in a multitude of our day to day activities. I find that September and October have always flown by with so many activities going on.

          Recapping most recent events include my Relay for Life team's annual Fund raising BBQ this past Saturday. More than 200 attended and although we had a slight decline over last years event. We really can't compete with NASCAR . Yes it was the race weekend! Still our BBQ was successful! We still have raffle tickets left for the quilt raffle, interested in purchasing a chance or two, email me! All proceeds go to a great cause. This is the beginning of our fund raising. We fund raise through out the year, at least til May. Our Relay for Life event is always the first or second weekend in June.  Stay posted  :0).

          Fall is also Football, Bonn fires, and Homecoming and this year SAT's . Brandyn, has been busy with essay's, college applications, and SAT's. Whoever said Senior year wasn't expensive lied! With that also comes Homecoming. I am just grateful I have two great boys' , they are so much less expensive and definitely create less drama than girls!. Although Brandyn, has his moments! drama moments that is. It will be very interesting when he will be away from home next year.. AHHHH reality. Mom won't be around.The school year has just started! Never a dull moment in this house that's for sure. 

       In all seriousness, there has been a lot going on this year, as imagine the rest of the world as well. I have been blessed with the most amazing friends, and family one could ever have. Despite the tribulations, that have been going on in my life, I could not keep my sanity and humor with out all of you, that includes some of my Daily Challenge connections as well! I heart you all! 

Enough sappiness... I will try to include pictures and do my best to blog daily. Even as mundane as it may be.

Folks, waiting to eat at the BBQ
Highlight of the evening is smore's on the HUGE Bonn Fire
Brandyn and Friends at Dover's NASCAR

Never to old for a Hayride!

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